How to Create a White Label Local Search Ranking Report

As a local SEO service provider, you can use GMB Radar to create white label local search ranking reports and share with your prospective customer to inform them about the current local ranks of their business, you can also include some information about how you can help their business improve rankings.. 

For your existing customers , you can create such reports to show the improvements in local rankings. 

Here is how you can create white label local search ranking reports for any local business. 

  • When the scan is complete, you can view the scan report, which contains rankings from the locations you selected, and also have details about the ranks of competitors. 

  • On the scan report page there is a button with text "Print/PDF" , click on that to open the report in a print friendly format. 

  • By default you will see that the report has GMB Radar's logo and name on the report. 

  • From the left side navigation, Click Account> Company Information. 

  • On this page you can enter your company information that you want to display on the report, Enter your company name, add your website and phone numbers, and upload the logo,  click Save. Make sure you select "Enable Branding" before saving..

  • Now go to the same report page and you will see that it has your company information. 

  • That's it, it's super easy, you can share this report with your clients to let them know about their business's local search rankings and offer your local SEO services to them.