How to schedule local rank scans and what are its benefits

GMB Radar lets you monitor your business's local rank effortlessly with scheduled local scans, In this post we will discuss what are the benefits of scheduling a scan and how to do it . 

Benefits of scheduling a local rank scan: 

  • It saves your precious time, since you do not have to login to your gmb radar account or wait for the correct time to run the scan .
  • Local rankings can be different for the same keywords and location when performed at different times, that is because the open hours of a business are a stronger ranking factor. So it's better to run your scans when your business is open to get accurate results. This is easy by scheduling local scans. 
  • Scheduled scans give you more accurate local seo progress tracking, since a scan is always performed at a specific time every week or month from the exact same locations, It gives you accurate results every time the scan runs. 
  •  Better reporting, GMB Radar has a page specially designed to show how the rank changes over time for a specific scan. This gives you a better idea about how the local ranks are changing over time and also shows graphs etc.  You can view this report by opening any scan report and clicking the "Scan History" button, please note that this button will only appear if a scan is performed at least 2 times.

How you can schedule a local scan with GMB Radar. 

Click "Create Scan" link from the left side navigation in gmb radar account, or  Click here to open Create Scan page

Select your desired business from the list of businesses, enter keywords, set the grid options etc. we have explained each option in detail in another post (How to Run Local SEO Scans ).
At the bottom of the form, you will see two radio buttons "Run Now" and "Schedule" , First option is selected by default, you need to select "Schedule" . It will show more options about the scheduling of the scan as shown in the screenshot below.

Frequency: Available options are Once, Daily, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, Monthly. 
If you select "Once" the GMB Radar will only perform the scan once at your selected time and then deactivate the scheduled scan. 
If you choose any other option, the scan will be repeated accordingly, We recommend that you run the scan on a weekly basis to monitor rank changes properly, Running daily scans is not recommended because it's very unlikely that the ranking will change everyday and also because it will cost you more credits. 

Start Date & Time: You can choose the desired time to run the first scan, all the scans will run at the same time. Make sure you select a time when your business is open and when you expect most of your customers. Please note that the actual time of running the scan may have a difference of a few seconds or minutes from user selected time. 

Time Zone: By default your country's time zone will be selected, but you can change it if you want, For example, if you are tracking a business that is in another country, It's more convenient to run scans according to the local time zone. 

After selecting from these options, you can click the "Continue" button to save the scan information. 

If you have performed a scan manually and now want to schedule the same scan, you can do it by opening the scan report and clicking the "Repeat Scan" button and then select "Schedule this scan", select your desired options as mentioned earlier and the scan will be scheduled. 

How to stop/delete a scheduled scan?

Click the "Scheduled Scans" link that appears on the left side menu in your gmb radar account, or open this url
Here you will  see all of your scheduled scans, You can delete any scan from here. 

That's all about scheduling scans with gmb radar, Contact our support team any time if you have any questions.